We will offer a series of Articles provided in five sections, as shown below. We hope to provide one article per month in each section.

These articles cover a variety of subjects from a variety of sources. These are articles, not courses. They are to provide outlines, summaries and what a student is expected to learn.

The intent is to provide the prospective student with sufficient information to make an informed decision about becoming a Pilot. 

 Beginning Intermediate  Advanced   International FAA

If you have experience in any of these areas and are a CFI and would like to contribute an article Please email max03 (at) You and your school or organization will be mentioned with a link to your web site if applicable. 


 0 - 200 hours

 Training for the Private Certificate 

 Colleges and Universities 

 Time & Cost How To Choose A Flight School 

 Private Flight Schools 

 Surviving Your First 200 Hours
Intermediate  200 - 1000 hours

 Instrument Rating Basics   Aerobatics Training 
 High Performance and Complex Ratings 
 Multi-Engine  Tail Draggers
 The Sea Plane    Towing   Jumping 

1000+ hours
 Aviation Careers    The Military    Getting Your ATP  
 How To Interview with an Airline 

International 0 - 1000 hours 
 Getting To The States    Visa    Housing  
 English as a Second Language (ESL) 

 FAA Articles from SoCal Aviation Review and Central Valley Aviation News
Road maps are for Pilots Too!
Protection 3 Ways
Vandenberg News
Hidden Danger
Summer Flying
Helicopter Pilots Stay Out From Under the Bridge
Flying to Las Vegas
Fast Movers Surround San Diego
Los Angeles Class B Air Space
Air Traffic Controller Airspace and You
Multi-Engine Rating
Standard Atmosphere
Wilderness Airstrips
Operations at Non-Towered Airports
Mountain Flying in the Sierras and Surviving It
Spring is Here

Patterns for Safety
Winter is Here
Buckle Up
Top 3 Danger Zones
Dressed to Kill
Flight 2000, New Concepts
Caution! Runway Inclusions
Letter to Airmen 98-01
Caution, You Might be Buying a Lawsuit
How to Fly GPS and Keep Your Head Out of the Cockpit
Wake Turbulence Avoidance
Summer Weather (Heat)
Mountain Flying Tips
Getting Ready for Spring